Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Permanent? [All About ED & Its Treatment]

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Permanent? [All You Need To Know]Are you consistently finding it difficult to get and maintain an erection? Long periods of suffering from erectile dysfunction may lead a man to be gravely concerned about whether the issue is permanent.

Not being able to sustain an erection can impact a man's personal life, including self-esteem, relationships, and concerns about future sexual performance. The bottom line is that permanent ED would not suffice well for a happier, healthier life - thus bringing the urgency of whether erectile dysfunction is a permanent condition.

This guide will answer whether erectile dysfunction is a permanent issue and how it can be diagnosed and treated. We'll start unraveling the question by defining what erectile dysfunction is and answering whether the problem is permanent or can be reversed.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get and maintain an erection. The issue is prevalent and is usually nothing to worry about. There are temporary physical and mental health factors that hinder a man's ability to get an erection.

Most men will suffer ED in their lifetimes, especially those over 40. Erectile dysfunction is not a disease perse, but more a symptom of an underlying condition or another physical or mental ailment.

ED severity can range from a short-term temporary problem to a concerning long-term issue. Most cases will generally resolve themselves naturally or with treatment. Still, some will see an ongoing inability to get an erection.

In this case, men will worry if their erectile dysfunction is permanent.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Permanent?

Erectile dysfunction results from an underlying cause, making it challenging to pinpoint whether the problem is permanent. However, it's noted that most cases of ED can be reversed; even severe ones can see treatment or assistance.

Understanding the longevity of erectile dysfunction can be broken down into three diagnostic categories that medical professionals will use to treat ED.

Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction

If you find yourself generally mentally and physically healthy, your erectile dysfunction is likely only temporary. Should you have health issues, there may be a long-term problem causing sustained ED.

These three categories define the severity of your ED and will present options on how to treat the issue.


Situational erectile dysfunction is often presented as the lesser cause for concern. The inability to get or maintain an erection only applies during certain circumstances, such as performance anxiety or nervousness.

This form of ED is almost exclusively a psychological issue. It can be remedied by targeting the root factor causing your erection troubles.


Temporary erectile dysfunction usually refers to ED caused by more physical factors but can be reversed with treatments and changes. Examples of interim ED include:

Lifestyle - Smoking, diet, sedentary living, and obesity are considered significant in what cause ED. These lifestyle factors make it challenging for blood vessels to relax and allow blood flow to the penis.

Chronic stress and anxiety - The hormones that develop from chronic stress and anxiety also cause difficulties for the blood vessels in the penis to relax.

Substance abuse - Heavy drinkers of alcohol and regular drug users will see the effects of the substance hinder their ability to get an erection.


Long-term is the more severe tier of erectile dysfunction. The underlying conditions causing the issue are considered more powerful and make ED more challenging to reverse.

Some of the conditions that cause long-term ED include:


Peyronie's disease

Nerve damage

Artery blockages

Spinal injuries

Penile tissue damage

Any condition or ailment that would hinder blood vessels' ability to relax would likely see a long-term inability to get an erection. Naturally, that is of grave concern to men. It can affect confidence and relationships and lead to mental health struggles.

So is erectile dysfunction reversible even when there are long-term severe cases?

How Can Erectile Dysfunction Get Reversed?

Arguably, even the most severe cases of ED can receive treatments to help minimize or reverse the symptoms. Depending on the root cause of the condition, you can take a few approaches to draw back the effects of erectile dysfunction.

Short-Term Remedies

Short-term remedies refer to treatments that don't address the underlying condition of ED. Still, they help increase blood flow to the penis temporarily. These treatments won't solve or reverse erectile dysfunction issues. However, they will make an impact in the short term for you to get and maintain an erection.

Drugs like Viagra and Cialis are considered short-term remedies. They temporarily help improve blood flow to the penis to sustain an erection. It's noted that some underlying conditions may prevent short-term remedies from functioning as expected.

Consult Physicians

There may be occasions when you aren't sure what's causing your erectile dysfunction. You may feel generally happy and healthy, yet you're still having trouble getting and maintaining an erection.

If medications aren't working and lifestyle changes aren't having the desired impact, seek advice from a qualified physician. You may have an underlying condition that you are unaware of, and they can diagnose and trace the root cause of your ED.

Usually, consulting a physician means that you will have to undergo more intricate treatments for your ED. But by no means does it signal that your erectile dysfunction is not reversible.


Significant psychological factors come into play when many men suffer from ED. The problem itself can fester into causing more anxiety and confidence issues than possible already had.

Psychotherapy sessions from specialists can significantly reduce the anxieties, confidence issues, and other psychological hindrances that cause erectile dysfunction. These are so common that there are even dedicated experts now.

So now we understand the approaches to how erectile dysfunction gets revered; what are the actual treatments involved?

What are Treatments to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction?

Whether you understand the root cause of your ED yourself or have received a diagnosis from a physician, you'll want to treat the issues as soon as possible. Here are some of the most prominent treatments applied to reverse erectile dysfunction.

1. Make some significant lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle, in many cases, is considered one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction, mainly because the associated conditions are so widespread. Smokers, heavy drinkers, drug users, and those that are overweight are much more likely to suffer from ED.

However, lifestyle factors are arguably one of the most straightforward remedies. Treatments include:

• Quitting smoking

• Reducing alcohol intake

• Seeking rehabilitation for drug use

• Curating a more balanced diet

• Losing weight

• Exercising more

2. Undergo counseling or therapy.

Self-esteem issues are a prevalent cause and symptom of erectile dysfunction. Counseling or therapy from a trained psychologist can help discover the mental health issues that would lead to ED and resolve your stimulation problems themselves.

If you are in a relationship, many men believe the inability to get an erection would cause significant strain on their partner, compiling to the anxiety. Couples therapy can also help find relief from ED through constructive discussion between yourself, your partner, and the therapist.

3. Take medications to help get an erection.

We've mentioned earlier in the guide that medications can be an effective short-term treatment for erectile dysfunction. They increase blood flow to the penis and give men a quick option to get and maintain an erection.

Taking these medications over time may also provide the confidence and self-esteem to naturally overcome the issues causing ED. Common drugs used for erections include:

• Viagra

• Stendra

• Cialis

• Levitra

• Staxyn

4. Try herbal or alternative remedies.

Herbal and alternative remedies are fast becoming popular treatments for ED, given their natural approach. There have been scientific reviews that suggest therapies such as acupuncture, ginseng preparations, and maritime pine extract improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

While these treatments are not FDA-approved or proven ED results, they are worth consulting with your physician.

5. Find methods of destressing.

Stress and anxiety are leading causes of erectile dysfunction in young Americans. Problems at work, demanding social life, financial worries, and turbulent relationships often amalgamate and compile into chronic stress and anxiety.

Finding ways to destress can help overcome ED caused by these stresses and anxieties. Methods include:

• Meditation

• Practicing mindfulness

• Relaxation techniques

• Yoga

6. Surgical options are available for more severe erectile dysfunction.

Surgical options can be considered when your ED is long-term. These options have risks and may cause some discomfort, but they are ultimately effective.

Most surgeries for erectile dysfunction include installing implants into the penis or procedures that help unblock arteries and lead to better blood flow. This treatment is usually considered a 'last resort option when all else fails.

Implants come in two forms, inflatable and semirigid rod. The former is the most common type of implant, giving a man control over when you want to gain or reduce an erection through an external device. The latter is a rod that's controlled by body movement.

Always consult your doctor before considering surgical options for erectile dysfunction.

7. Consider mechanical devices.

Mechanical devices are another way to gain an erection in the short term. Items such as penis pumps can help draw blood into the penis, where a ring is placed to hold the erection.

Many people refer to mechanical devices when there are more serious underlying conditions.

8. Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy can help reverse erectile dysfunction.

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy is an innovative treatment pioneered by Triumph Health Centers in Leesburg, FL. It has fast become the number one treatment for erectile dysfunction, given its success rate across the board under multiple levels of ED severity.

The treatment is painless, surgery-free, with results even for those that worry about permanent erectile dysfunction. We can elaborate more below about why Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy is quickly becoming the preferred remedy.

Is There a Preferred Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

Out of all the available treatments, there's a reason why Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy is breaking ground. The procedure is a more holistic, comforting approach to treating erectile dysfunction with proven results.

Exploring why it's the preferred treatment takes some understanding of how it works and reverses the effects of ED.

How Does Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy Reverse the Effects of ED?

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy involves applying a device to the penis that generates gentle pulsating waves, triggering a healing response. The movement helps open blood vessels and promotes the creation of new ones to increase blood flow to the penis and give more prolonged, more robust, and more sustainable erections.

The procedure directly addresses the notion that improved blood flow is critical to reversing erectile dysfunction. The pulsating waves help wake up dormant stem cells and growth factors that stimulate new blood vessels and facilitate a healing response.

However, the driving factors behind Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy overcome many other treatment concerns, thus making the procedure stand out.

What Makes the Treatment Stand Out?

Why is Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy so innovative and appealing? Here are some of the most significant reasons.


Around 90% of men who received Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy reported positive results and improved sexual performance. The results showcase that the procedure has one of the highest success rates of all available treatments.

No Side Effects

There's no medication or any anesthesia required in Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy. Subsequently, there are no side effects to undergoing the procedure.

No Pain

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy is a painless procedure, with devices emitting only gentle pulsating waves with no resulting discomfort. That notion makes the treatment more attractive than surgical options.


The procedure eliminates the risks commonly found in ED medications and surgeries. Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy is 100% safe, with a process that will not cause any unforeseen problems or side effects.


So the short answer to whether ED is permanent? Erectile dysfunction comes from many different conditions and circumstances, but there is almost always a solution. Many treatments are available, though many come with side effects or discomfort concerns.

Should anyone with erectile dysfunction want treatment but not the worries commonly associated with treatment, seek out Triumph Health Centers. Their Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy treatment revolutionizes the way to address ED.

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