Can Erectile Dysfunction Cause Infertility? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition that affects more than 3-million men every year in the US alone. For most men, the effects of ED are fairly self-explanatory, or at least it seems this way. Unfortunately, there are many side-effects that are less obvious, and that leads to a lot of questions regarding ED that don't have straight forward answers.


One of those questions is whether or not erectile dysfunction can lead to infertility.


This question is pondered by nearly every man suffering from erectile dysfunction who is still trying to have children or at least open to the idea of having them. After all, having children with your partner is one of the most desired parts of life for many people.


In this regard, there is good news and bad news. At Triumph Health Centers, we want to clear up any confusion you may have about erectile dysfunction and fertility, as well as some other information regarding ED and how you can treat it.


Let’s get started.


What is Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction isn't necessarily its own condition. It's actually a side-effect of various other problems that can occur in the penis. This comes into play whenever it comes time to treat erectile dysfunction, as it's much more effective to treat the root causes of it rather than simply forcing an erection as many traditional pharmaceutical options do.


Erectile dysfunction is characterized by the inability to keep a strong erection. This can present itself in multiple ways.


·       Not being able to get an erection at all.

·       Getting a partial erection that isn’t suitable for intercourse.

·       Losing your erection mid-intercourse.

·       A combination of any of these effects.


There are a few reasons these things can happen. First, there may be substantial scar tissue built up from past injuries to the penis or Peyronie’s disease. You may also suffer from a lack of blood flow in the penis –which is compounded when you have scar tissue, although it is not necessary for scar tissue to be present when you have this issue-. This condition is treatable with our ED treatment in Leesburg that addresses all aspects of Peyronie’s Disease, and improves your sexual activities.


The lack of blood flow or blockages caused by scar tissue is the condition you may suffer from; erectile dysfunction is simply the side-effect of such issues.


What are the Effects of Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction can cause a number of issues that have nothing to do with your penis. The most notable effects are blows to your confidence as a man and your intimate life.


The issues with intimacy and confidence intertwine. Since erectile dysfunction affects your ability to perform sexually, you might face tension in your relationship due to a sexually dissatisfied partner, embarrassment for you and your partner, or sexual frustration since you have the urge to perform but simply cannot act on it. Oftentimes, those effects all hit in unison and can be highly stressful to deal with.


Once those effects present themselves, it’s very common for a man’s confidence and self-esteem to drop dramatically. This can lead to depression and other mental health issues that can lead to much more serious problems.

What is Infertility?

Simply put, infertility is the inability to produce children through intercourse. Try as you might, intercourse will likely never produce a child without medical intervention.


For people who are looking to have children during their lifetime, this can be a devastating diagnosis, as it deprives them of the ability to naturally produce offspring, enjoy parenthood, and pass on their legacy when they die. It can create severe mental health issues, and ultimately, it can impact every aspect of their lives.


Does Erectile Dysfunction Cause Infertility?


Now, we can talk about the namesake of this resource guide.


Many men suffering from erectile dysfunction, especially those in the age range when procreating is the main goal, worry about their fertility levels. It's a common misconception that erectile dysfunction can cause a man to become infertile and incapable of making children; luckily, that's false. However, there is a similar effect that should be a concern if you're looking to have children.


Erectile dysfunction does not cause infertility in the sense that you simply cannot have children ever again. In fact, you can have the most extreme case of erectile dysfunction and still have a small chance of conceiving a child during intercourse. It’s a small chance, but it’s still there. You don’t suddenly lack the ability to have children.


However, your fertility is greatly impacted due to one major issue; erectile dysfunction can make it difficult to ejaculate, and even if you do, most cases of erectile dysfunction create a low sperm count issue.


With a lower sperm count, your likelihood of fertilizing your partner's eggs during intercourse is dramatically lower. This can force you to increase your sexual activity to the point where it's not the intimate and meaningful interaction you're aiming to have with your partner in an attempt to have a child, and that can put a lot more stress on your relationship. Also, how serious the sperm count issue differs from man to man. So, one patient might get lucky and conceive a child within the first few months of attempts, and another might take years of frequent attempts without any results.


Making this worse, it can be impossible to tell how impacted you are without having a specialist test a sample of ejaculate to determine just how low your sperm count is. With a mild case of erectile dysfunction, you might think that it won't be a major issue, and then still end up trying numerous times to conceive with zero results.


For couples who don’t aim to have children anymore, this isn’t as big of an issue. It can be a blow to your confidence, but the main effect won’t apply to you. However, it is a major problem for anyone looking to have kids, and it tends to get worse with time. So, prompt ED treatment is highly recommended.


Can Low Sperm Count Be Corrected?


In one sort of silver lining, erectile dysfunction usually affects men who are passed the point of wanting any more children, as it usually affects men past the age of 40. That's not always the case, as some younger men develop erectile dysfunction extremely early, or sometimes older men want to have children later in life for various reasons.


Luckily, the low sperm count associated with erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be permanent. It can usually be corrected via a variety of treatment options that are both invasive and non-invasive.


So, if you're struggling with erectile dysfunction and procreating, and you want to have children, there is hope that the issue can be corrected and you can still conceive a child without any major medical interventions such as in-vitro treatments. Not to mention, the same treatments can cure or mask –depending on the treatment used- the various other symptoms of erectile dysfunction that are concerning for all sufferers of the condition. Although ed sounds scary, with our evolved medicine, we can try to answer how to cure ED permanently, and give you the best possible method for treating it.

Ways Erectile Dysfunction –and low sperm count- Can Be Treated and Reversed


As we said, your erectile dysfunction, and the low sperm count issues that come with it, can be reversed. There are a number of treatment solutions available to you, but some are better than others.


Here are some of the various options that you can take advantage of to reverse your low sperm count.


Exercise, Diet, and Proper Clothing:


While this won’t treat your erectile dysfunction, it can help your body produce more sperm. Your sperm count is generally tied to your overall health habits, after all.


In general, avoiding clothing that is tight around your genitals, eating a healthy, balanced diet, and getting plenty of exercise can help boost your sperm count whether you have erectile dysfunction or not. Plus ,exercising and eating healthy foods will boost practically every other part of your health, too.


This isn’t a treatment for erectile dysfunction. So, we can’t recommend it as such. However, it is a great supplement to various other treatment options, and it promotes a healthier lifestyle overall. So, there’s no harm in adding this to your treatment routine.


Pills, Injections, Implants, and Pumps: Increasing Your Sperm Delivery


Increasing your sperm count isn’t very useful if you’re unable to deliver it effectively to your partner’s eggs. These treatment options are not the ones we recommend, but they are traditional treatment options many men have utilized, and their main focus is on helping you get and sustain an erection; helping you to properly deliver your sperm when the time comes.


Pills are commonly used, and they work by increasing your overall heart rate; forcing an erection through sheer blood flow. The problem with this is that they don’t treat the root causes of erectile dysfunction, and they can cause heart attacks; a steep price to pay for an erection by most men’s standards.


Implants and injections tend to forego the heart attack risk, and they attempt to bypass the scar tissue or open up blood vessels to increase blood flow. However, they are highly invasive, can cause permanent damage to your penis, and obviously, they are not enjoyable treatments to undergo. Not to mention, they do not permanently treat the issue; they just mask it and make it worse.


Finally, pumps are an option. A pump can be used right before sex to help you get and sustain an erection throughout intercourse; allowing you to ejaculate effectively and deliver your sperm in as effective a manner as your sperm count allows. However, pumps don’t treat any of the causes of erectile dysfunction, need to be used immediately before sex each time you attempt intercourse, and can make you dependent on them for an erection. Again, this is not recommended. Luckily, it does bypass most of the negative health effects present in other traditional treatments.


What is the Recommended Method for Treating Erectile Dysfunction and Increasing Sperm Count?


If the options we listed in the previous section don’t sound appealing, we don’t blame you. Luckily, modern science has led to a break through that can cure your erectile dysfunction and help you naturally increase your sperm count: Acoustic Wave Therapy.


Acoustic Wave Therapy doesn't have any of the side effects or risks that are associated with traditional treatment options. You don't have to worry about heart attacks, damage to your penis, dependency on recurring treatments, having foreign objects inserted into your most sensitive body part, or anything of the sort.


Acoustic Wave Therapy utilizes acoustic sound waves to gently break up scar tissue caused by injuries and Peyronie’s disease and to stimulate healthy blood flow in the penis. This opens up new passage ways, unblocks original pathways, and overall allows you to maintain a stronger and more reliable erection. In turn, the increased ability for your penis to function as intended can naturally help boost your sperm count and reverse the negative effects your erectile dysfunction had on that aspect of your sex life; as well as the other issues you suffered from.


This isn’t an invasive procedure, either. In a calm, peaceful, medical environment, a Triumph Health Centers specialist will use a simple technique with acoustic sound wave instruments. The acoustic waves passthrough the penis via vibrations, and they gently massage the affected area until blockages are removed.


This method actually treats the root causes of erectile dysfunction. In comparison to traditional methods that simply masked the issue and allowed you to get an erection, acoustic wave therapy can produce long-lasting, reliable, and effective results you can depend on; better yet, you don’t have to tolerate any discomfort or embarrassing situations such as using a pump while your partner patiently waits for intimacy.


Visit Triumph Health Centers for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment You can Rely on


Our Acoustic Wave Therapy not only helps improve your sperm count and sperm delivery, but it also improves the various other symptoms of erectile dysfunction, too.


With Acoustic Wave Therapy, you can reclaim your sex life, increase your chances of conceiving a child, and experience a boost in confidence and self-esteem you’ve probably missed for quite some time.


Most of our patients begin experiencing noticeable, meaningful results within hours of their first visit, and there is no need for regular visits after just a couple of sessions.


So, what are you waiting for? Remedy your erectile dysfunction with Triumph Health Centers, today!

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