What To Do When Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Don't Work? Here’s The Best Solution

Is your sex life and relationships suffering because you cannot get or sustain an erection? That's a critical indicator that you may have erectile dysfunction.

In most cases, the ailment is nothing to worry about or a grave concern. Many men will take drugs or medicines to help with the underlying issues that cause erectile dysfunction. You will likely see results by taking a couple of pills before sex and eventually see your performance back on course.

However, what happens when these erectile dysfunction drugs prove to be ineffective? Are there solutions, or am I stuck with the problem? There are more answers and solutions to the root causes of erectile dysfunction here if you want to learn more.

This guide will look at what to do when erectile dysfunction drugs don't work and outline the best solution.

When Should I Start to Worry About Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Not Working?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) causes significant stress and anxiety in your personal life, not to mention causes a lack of confidence. Naturally, if you suffer from the ailment, you'll want a quick resolution.

The first course of action when you're having trouble getting an erection is to refer to drugs. They are easy to consume, and in most places, they are widely available with generally fast-acting results. The most popular erectile medication includes:






But what happens if the drugs don't seem to work? If better, more sustainable erections aren't instant; panic is the first sensation that would cross your mind. You'd believe something is seriously wrong or that maybe your erectile dysfunction is permanent.

Sometimes other factors drive erectile dysfunction where drugs may not be as efficient as you'd like. So when is the time to start worrying about erectile medications not working?

There's no set time or milestone to consider further action if your ED medications aren't working, so you can discuss the issue with your physician. More often than not, men are making mistakes with erectile dysfunction drugs.

What are the Most Common Mistakes When Taking Erectile Dysfunction Medication?

Because men are anxious to get their erections up and running again, there may be one or more mistakes involved in taking ED medication. That's why there may not be cause for concern just yet. The most widespread mistakes are below:

Consuming Less or More Than You Should

There are varying severity levels behind erectile dysfunction, meaning that the dose you take may prove ineffective. Drugs like Viagra come in different dose levels, 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg.

If you're taking the 25mg level and still unable to get an erection, perhaps try more substantial doses to see if you get results.

Not Leaving Enough Time for them to Work

A common misconception propelled by TV and movies is that ED drugs are supposed to have an instant effect. The truth is that these medications can take anywhere between 15-20 minutes for them to work.

You can help with absorption effects by consuming your ED drugs with a meal rich in fats.

Unrealistic Expectations of Effects

Sexual arousal plays a significant part in getting an erection. There is an unrealistic expectation that not only will ED medications circumvent blood flow to the penis, but they'll also trigger the stimulation required to get an erection.

Not Trying Other ED Drugs

Just because one drug didn't work doesn't mean another won't. Different medications function differently and can have varying effects. If Viagra isn't working, why not give Cialis a try?

Remember to discuss different medications with your medical provider before consuming, though!

Underlying Medical Conditions

Underlying medical conditions are one of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction. You may have an issue that you're unaware of, hence why the drugs are not working.

Common ailments that cause erectile dysfunction include diabetes, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis. If you're taking other medications, they can also hinder the function of ED drugs.

It's worth discussing possible underlying medical conditions causing erectile dysfunction with your physician and understanding the risks of taking ED medications. That will ensure that side effects don't cause lingering issues.

What Should You Do If Nothing Explains Your ED Drugs Not Working?

Suppose you believe that you are taking your erectile dysfunction medication correctly, and they don't function as expected. In that case, you may want to seek alternative treatments. Again, it's essential to discuss the issue with your doctor, as there may be another more pressing ailment causing ED.

However, there also could be other factors causing the drugs not to work correctly. Apart from not being responsive to medicines, you could be suffering from sexual performance anxiety or nerve damage. Lifestyle and diet can also be why you're not getting an erection.

Alternative treatments can address your erectile function directly in these cases and help curate a more confident mindset for a better sex drive.

Here are 5 Alternative Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Alternative treatments can vary from addressing the mind to regain sexual arousal to direct implementation of medicines into the penis. Discover five of the most recommended treatments should your erectile dysfunction drugs fail to work.

1. Psychotherapy

Mental health can be just as much an issue as physical when experiencing erectile dysfunction. Conditions where you suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression, can hinder the arousal triggers needed to get and sustain an erection.

Psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy can impact your erectile dysfunction. Suppose your ED is linked to the state of your mental health. In that case, the treatment can help eliminate the negative thought processes that dominate your mindset.

Gaining a more constructive, positive, and confident thought pattern will help spark the arousal triggers leading to an erection.

2. Penile Implants

Suppose your erectile dysfunction links to a physical ailment and drugs are not working. In that case, many will consider surgical options for the more severe cases. Penis implants are an alternative treatment that gives men more control over their erections, but installing them tends to be a more 'last resort' choice.

A penile implant is a device placed inside your penis where fluids that force an erection can be controlled by an external mechanism or rod. Triggering the device allows an erection at will and can also be let down by the control schematic.

The surgery is complex and can be expensive with slightly more risks involved. But if the drugs and other treatment options aren't working, penile implants may be required to continue getting an erection.

3. ED Medication Injections

Why not apply the oral drugs directly to the source when the oral medicines aren't working? There are a few ED-dedicated injections out there. A man or their physician applies drugs directly to the penis.

Injecting your penis with medicine may sound uneasy, but ED medication injections are effective. The only available approved injectable drug is Caverject and Edex, designed to relax muscles and blood vessels around your penis to facilitate blood flow.

The ED medication injections have a near-instant impact, with erections gained in roughly 5-20 minutes, lasting up to an hour. This alternative treatment maybe for someone looking for quick results, but the prospecting of injecting one's penis isn't an attractive one.

4. Urethral Suppositories

Another more uncomfortable but effective alternative treatment is urethral suppositories, a method that is what it sounds like. Using an application device, men will apply a small pellet down their urethra containing the alprostadil.

Urethral suppositories are yet another unattractive prospect for erectile dysfunction. However, this alternative treatment is arguably the fastest acting, giving men an erection within 5-10 minutes.

The alprostadil is absorbed into the walls of the urethra. It works quickly in opening the gates for improved blood flow. Despite the discomfort and intricacy of the treatment, it does yield results.

5. Diet and Lifestyle Adjustments

Almost exclusively, erectile dysfunction is rooted in problems with circulation. Any ailment, lifestyle, or diet that would impede normal blood flow around the body will likely impact your ability to get and sustain an erection.

So what are the most common diet and lifestyle issues causing ED?


High alcohol consumption


High cholesterol

Poor diet

Sedentary lifestyle

If you fall into these categories, making simple diet and lifestyle adjustments can help your circulation back to normal. Discover a balanced diet, stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake, and exercise more will help address your erectile dysfunction.

If you're weighing up an alternative treatment, you may ask what opinion is on the best solution for ED when the drugs don't work. Ideally, you'd want a treatment that's pain-free, comfortable, safe, surgery-free, and delivers results.

It feels like a big ask considering the alternative treatments listed above. Still, there is an option that includes all those feats. The best solution is not one commonly known.

What's the Best Solution for When Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Don't Work?

We've presented the leading alternative erectile dysfunction treatments for when drugs aren't making an impact. However, none are necessarily the best, considering each has its positives and negatives.

Triumph Health Centers have pioneered one of the most arguably preferred treatments for erectile dysfunction in Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy. The non-invasiveness, painlessness, and effectiveness of the process continue to be heralded as the #1 erectile dysfunction treatment.

But why does Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy work so well in addressing ED?

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy is the Most Holistic Solution

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy may not have its name up in light like other alternative treatments. However, the results and process speak for themselves as the most holistic solution to erectile dysfunction.

It's understandable if you may have some concerns about how the treatment works. We can outline the process of this innovative procedure to showcase how it lives up to its promise.

How Does Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy Work?

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy involves applying a device that generates gentle pulsative waves onto the penis. But how does that help with erectile dysfunction?

The treatment directly impacts significantly improves blood flow to the penis. No matter your physical ailment, blood flow is hindered by constricted blood vessels. The pulsating waves open up the existing blood vessels and create new ones, ultimately facilitating increased blood flow to the penis for more robust, longer-lasting erections.

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy increases blood flow, but it also triggers a healing response by waking up dormant stem cells and rejuvenating erectile tissue. The procedure only requires a couple of visits and is inherently risk-free.

Why is it the Best Option When Drugs Don't Make an Impact?

There are many reasons why Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy has fast become the #1 erectile dysfunction treatment. Men everywhere are rejoicing that there is such a holistic, natural treatment for ED when the drugs don't work.

Some of the features that drive men to the treatment are below.

Outstanding Success Rate

90% of all men that have undergone Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy have reported much-improved erections and a more positive outlook on their sexual performance. The procedure almost guarantees effectiveness.

No Medication

Some men find that ED medication doesn't work for them or prefer not to ingest unnatural products. Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy requires no drugs, either consumed or injected.

Non-Surgical Procedure

Not many men desire to take risks and cover the expenses of surgical options for erectile dysfunction. Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy only requires a simple application of our innovative device to the penis - absolutely no surgery required.

Completely Safe

Naturally, safety is a concern with alternative treatments for any issues, including erectile dysfunction. The Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy procedure is 100% safe, offering a natural approach to addressing ED without any side effects, harm, or discomfort.

So with all these positives, you may be convinced that Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy is the right option. Where can you get this revolutionary treatment?

Where Can I Get Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction?

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy is available at Triumph Health Centers, located in Leesburg, FL. The clinic is a trusted specialist in pain relief and men's sexual wellness, dedicated to providing holistic and natural treatments that deliver the most positive results.

If you're looking for the best solution for erectile dysfunction when drugs don't work, look no further. Discover more about the treatment and how to schedule a consultation here.

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