Who Treats Erectile Dysfunction and What’s the Best Treatment? (2022 Guide)

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a common condition that affects millions of men across the country at any given time. It can be stressful or demeaning to deal with, and it can lead to friction in romantic relationships.


Luckily, there are effective treatments available that don’t require invasive surgeries or silly gimmicks, and relief from your erectile dysfunction symptoms is easy and cost-effective to achieve.


Let’s take a look at who you should turn to for ED treatment and which type of treatment is best for erectile dysfunction.


What is Erectile Dysfunction?


Before we speak about the various treatment options available, let’s talk about what erectile dysfunction is and what causes it.


If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, you probably already understand your own symptoms. However, erectile dysfunction can come in several forms.


First, many erectile dysfunction sufferers find it extremely difficult to get an erection. They can be in the mood to “perform” in the bedroom, everything can be going perfectly fine, and their penis simply won’t cooperate.


Another form of erectile dysfunction is when a man can get an erection without any problems, but they might lose the erection for seemingly no reason at all in the midst of intercourse.


Finally, for some, erectile dysfunction might prevent them from getting and keeping a stiff erection; even if they can sustain a semi-erect posture from start to finish.


Some men might experience one of these symptoms, multiple symptoms at once, or shifts between the various symptoms at different times. In any case, these symptoms can create significant drops in confidence, increased sexual frustration, and various mental drawbacks in the person suffering from erectile dysfunction, and their partners might feel unsatisfied or as if they’re not attractive to their partner. While there aren’t really any dangerous physical side-effects of erectile dysfunction, such as strokes or cancer risk increases, these mental and intimacy-related effects can greatly affect one’s life, and it’s best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction isn't a simple mental block as many assume. It's most typically caused by scar tissue that builds up in the tissues of the penis over time. This scar tissue can develop in numerous ways. It can be created by injuries to the penis, certain sexual acts that overtly stress the tissue of the penis, and a lack of proper blood flow.


The buildup of scar tissue begins to constrict the vessels and spongy walls of the shaft; preventing proper blood flow and keeping the penis from stiffening as expected when aroused.


This time-based buildup of scar tissue is why erectile dysfunction is highly uncommon in younger men. Instead, it typically started to affect men once they’ve reached their mid-thirties and older, and it can start to be a problem at dramatically different ages for everyone; it all depends on overall health and various other factors.


What Treatments are Available for Erectile Dysfunction?


Since erectile dysfunction is such a common issue, the medical field has spent countless dollars and man-hours finding solutions for it over the years. Some of them are more effective than others and depending on where you get treatment, you might have several options presented to you. We have our own proven method that provided a surefire solution without invasive surgeries or dangerous side effects, but we'll save that for last so you can get a good idea of everything available to you.


1: Pills


Countless pills with increasingly creative marketing campaigns have entered the market over the last few decades. These pills boost your blood flow and essentially force blood through your penis whether the scar tissue present likes it or not. This can get you an erection fairly quickly, and many of the pills are sold over the counter with only premium pills requiring a prescription, but there are several drawbacks that everyone should consider before taking these pill-based solutions.


First, you use an erectile dysfunction pill about an hour or so before you expect to have sex, and it begins to increase your heart rate and blood flow until you get to the point where your penis properly fills with blood and stiffens. This requires you to essentially plan your sex life, but there’s a bigger drawback to it, too. It increases your heart rate.


Thanks to the increase in heart rate, many men, unfortunately, suffer heart attacks due to these erection pills.


Beyond that, and somewhat less important, the pill isn’t resolving the problem. It’s muscling through the scar tissue in a dangerous way that is hardly worth the risk. Once the pill wears off, you’re in the same boat you were in beforehand until you stress your body out with another pill.


2: Surgical Implant


This is our least recommended solution. In some extreme cases, doctors specializing in erectile dysfunction treatment will implant a small rod into the penis that essentially keeps it partially stiff.


There are a number of issues with this.


First, the invasive nature of the surgery –requiring the penis to be opened so the rod can be inserted-, is far from comfortable, and if it goes wrong, you might permanently lose various functions of your penis.


If that's not enough to cause concern, consider the fact that it doesn't treat erectile dysfunction. It simply creates the façade of a partially erect penis, and hopefully, your natural blood flow will be enough to finish the job. In essence, it's an illusion and not actually a treatment.


Finally, it's not exactly reversible. If something goes wrong with your implant, you've already created more substantial scar tissue by slicing it open and inserting a rod into it. If the rod comes out, you'll likely be in a far worse position than before. That's not even accounting for the possibility of something going seriously wrong; in which case irreversible damage is likely.


3: Pumps


Pumps are the traditional items you've probably heard jokes about. They're long plastic tubes with a hand pump attached to them. You insert your penis into the sealed tube, press it onto the base of your pelvis to create suction and proceed to air up your penis like a bike tire.


This is a temporary fix, can damage the penis more than it already is, can reduce the ability to have healthy sex in otherwise normal penises, and overall looks absolutely ridiculous as you have to pause your partner and start pumping right before you start having sex.


This is far from optimal, but it is a fairly cheap route to take.


4: Injections


Injections are, while not ideal, a valid solution. Erectile dysfunction injections are specially formulated shots administered by trained professionals at regular intervals to help resolve blockages in the penis and encourage a strong erection. They’re not quite as dangerous as pills or implants, and they are semi-effective. However, they’re not perfect.


First and foremost, no one wants a needle going anywhere near their genitalia. So, that’s an obstacle you’ll have to get past before you can pursue this treatment option. Also, keep in mind that professionals make mistakes, too. A slight sneeze or a twitch of the hand, and that injection might end up in the wrong part of your most sensitive body part. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s not an enjoyable experience.


Beyond the most obvious concern, most people have, you also have to consider the fact that this requires regular, permanent treatments. You'll need to visit your doctor at least once per week or month depending on the treatment used, get your injections, and then enjoy yourself until your next appointment. That's a lot of time and energy –and money- if you want to sustain your sexual capabilities. If you stop taking your injections, you will go right back to where you started.


Because of these drawbacks, we don’t really recommend injections unless there’s a highly specific reason for doing so.


5: Acoustic Wave Therapy


Acoustic Wave Therapy is our preferred method of treatment. It’s non-invasive, fast-acting, long-lasting, and proven to be reliable.


Acoustic Wave Therapy involves a trained specialist utilizing a precision acoustic instrument to send acoustic waves through your penis to massage and break up scar tissue that is creating your erectile dysfunction. In practice, this is basically just a small "wand" looking device that pulsates along the surface of your shaft and other affected areas of your genitalia. There is no pain, room for error, or negative side effects.


In fact, patients are able to get up and leave immediately after the procedure, and most are able to resume normal, even healthier, sex lives within a few hours without having to come back regularly for follow-up procedures.


This is the best way to cure erectile dysfunction to date. You don’t have to worry about having a heart attack just so you can be intimate with your partner, there are no foreign objects being unpleasantly inserted into your body’s most sensitive appendage, and there is no room for human error to permanently mutilate your penis. You go into a calm, peaceful, medical office, your penis is gently treated with the pulsating acoustic wave tool, and you walk out ready to perform like you’re 20 years old again. Better yet, you don’t have to book appointment after appointment to keep your sex life healthy. Many of our patients never have to return, and if they do due to Peyronie’s disease, it’s not an often occurrence.


Who Treats Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction treatments are serious; whether you’re getting an acoustic wave treatment or something as invasive as an implant. You do not want to try to treat it yourself. However, we’ll list all of your options in this section.




There are two solutions you can buy over the counter. Certain pills are available without a prescription, but their effectiveness and safety ratings are never guaranteed. When you’re talking about pills that can cause heart attacks or leave you with a penis that is erect for hours on end, it’s best to avoid anything being offered at your local gas station or general store; the savings and privacy aren’t worth it.


Then, you can buy a pump. There are pumps ranging between$10 and hundreds of dollars, and you definitely get a more effective result from the higher-priced options. However, no pump offers permanent results, and they can all damage your penis; especially if you pump too much or too frequently.


We don’t recommend purchasing any over-the-counter solutions.


Doctors and Specialists:


Your standard physician can refer you to a specialist capable of treating your erectile dysfunction with prescription pills, implants, and injections.


While this is the standard medical procedure for treating erectile dysfunction, we’ve extensively covered why you shouldn’t trust those options. They’re typically temporary and potentially dangerous, and implants can be devastating.


It is worth speaking to your physician, but feel free to explore acoustic wave treatments with your doctor to see how they feel about it compared to traditional treatments.


Triumph Health Centers:


Triumph Health Centers is your trusted service provider for our unique Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment. Our specialists are trained to provide the highest quality service with patient care and comfort in mind, and they understand the nuances of Acoustic Wave Therapy to ensure you receive the most effective ED treatment in Leesburg possible.


Our main facility is located in Leesburg, and we are more than happy to offer over-the-phone consultations to anyone who is curious about Acoustic Wave Therapy.


There is no reason not to try Acoustic Wave Therapy. While other methods are proven to be risky, uncomfortable, and sometimes downright dangerous, Acoustic Wave Therapy is proven to work in as little as one treatment without any discomfort, pain, or side effects other than the prolonged and enjoyable intimacy you experienced when you were younger.


If you’re curious about Acoustic Wave Therapy, contact Triumph Health Centers today and speak to one of our qualified specialists. Reclaim your sex life with Triumph Health Centers and our proven Acoustic Wave Therapy.

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