Types of Erectile Dysfunction Treatments: Which is Best for You?

Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men in the United States alone. It’s a common condition that tends to affect men who are a little older; between the ages of 35 to 45 is when most men start to experience it.

This can have a very meaningful impact on a man’s life. After all, sexual performance is a huge part of a man’s ego and sense of pride, and even if you’re a little less worried about it, not being able to have sex is extremely frustrating.

Luckily, there are many erectile dysfunction treatment solutions available. Unfortunately, some of them are dangerous or outright ineffective.

Today, we want to go over all types of erectile dysfunction treatments, go in-depth about how they work and whether or not they’re effective, and point you towards the best option for you.

Let’s get started.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments: Traditional Methods

There are several erectile dysfunction methods available that have been around for years. However, just because they're old treatment techniques doesn't mean they're worth trying or even saving to try.

However, for the sake of completion, we’ll go over these outdated methods anyways. If you’re considering any of them, you should know what the potential risks are and what to expect from treatment.

Types of erectile dysfunction treatments.


Pills are probably the most traditional method possible outside of holistic methods including random spices and weeds. While you’ve probably heard rave reviews about certain blue pills, none of them are particularly useful unless you’re willing to take a considerable risk.

First, let’s talk about the ideology behind pills.

Pills essentially work by increasing the amount of blood your heart pumps. Since your erection is created by blood filling the chambers of your penis, this does work. A large spike in blood flow to the penis can force you to have an erection.

However, it’s not perfect.

First, in perfectly healthy men, that's a lot of undue stress on your heart, and while you might have the hardest, most impressive erection you've ever experienced, you can easily stress your heart to the point that you have a heart attack, or a much more embarrassing situation might occur.

While a heart attack is life-threatening and certainly not ideal, even if your heart is healthy, you can experience something that you probably won’t forget.

Taking pills when you don't necessarily need them can result in the extra blood flow becoming trapped within your penis. This can last for hours, and if left untreated, your penis can suffer traumatic damage. In any case, where your erection lasts longer than four hours, a warning you've probably heard in all pill commercials, you have to go to the ER. What do they do? They insert an empty hypodermic needle into your penis and manually remove the blood. This is to prevent the blood from being stuck there and ultimately destroying your penis.

That probably doesn’t sound like a good time, and trust us; it isn’t.

If you can avoid these erection pills it’s in your best interest to do so. These pills are only advisable under strict supervision by a doctor, and personally, we wouldn’t try them regardless. If you wonder what to do when erectile dysfunction drugs don't work you can adress alternative treatments like Acoustic Wave Therapy that we will talk about later. There’s just too much risk of a serious problem occurring with the pills; even if they don’t outright kill you. That should be enough of a deterrent, though.


Pumps are commonplace in the sex world, and they’ve been around for quite a while. You’ve probably seen them in pop culture films or otherwise heard jokes about them. That’s our main problem with them.

First, a pump is a device that you put over your penis. It typically looks like a long test tube that you slide into. It has a hand pump coming off of it, and you simply pump that like a blood pressure scale a few times to stimulate your penis and “inflate” it.

There are two issues with that.

First, imagine you’re getting ready to have sex. You and your partner are in the mood, things are hot and heavy, and both of you start getting “dressed” for the occasion. You’re done with your foreplay, and it’s time to really do the deed. Instead of using a condom or otherwise getting started, you pull out this big, ugly, weird contraption, slip it over your penis, and start pumping like you need to fill up a balloon post-haste. That’s not exactly the romantic time you’re looking for, and while we like to believe your partner understands, it’s just a really weird experience for everyone involved. That alone can end a sexual encounter, or even if it doesn’t, it can cause a mental block due to stress.

Then, you have to consider whether or not it’s properly applied. Under normal circumstances, pumps are safe. We can’t deny that. However, if you don’t bother to read the instructions, or you get a little overzealous while preparing for your sexual escapade, you can damage your penis.

Overpumping, or simply pumping more than recommended, can create scar tissue in the penis. As you read earlier, scar tissue is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction. So, in an attempt to get an erection, you essentially risk ruining your ability to get an erection even further in the future.

This isn’t the worst “treatment”. It’s just not a good option, either. As long as you pay attention and abide by the instructions, you’re pretty safe. However, it means nothing. You have to sit there and pump your penis right before sex EVERY TIME you go to have sex. That doesn’t feel natural for you or your partner, and unfortunately, it feels like a joke. There’s also the fact that it’s just not timely. When you and your partner are ready to go, do you really want to sit back and say “I’m sorry, babe. Give me a few minutes to blow my penis up like a balloon”? Our guess is that’s probably not what you want to do.

These are the types of erectile dysfunction treatments.


Injections can be helpful, but they certainly aren’t for everyone. They don’t force your heart to work harder. So, most heart-related situations aren’t a problem with these. They’re also not embarrassing since you go every couple of weeks to get a simple shot or two. You don’t need to bust out a pump right in front of your partner. However, they’re still not ideal.

First and foremost, no one wants a needle anywhere near their genitals. Let’s just be honest. Unfortunately, with injections, you’ll have to deal with that fairly often. You’ll go into a sterile medical environment, the technician will ask you how you’re doing, and then they will use a large hypodermic needle to inject your penis with their medical cocktail. Does that sound like fun? We certainly don’t think so.

Then, you have to worry about scar tissue. As it turns out, repeatedly injecting your penis can create more the scar tissue that is usually the cause of erectile dysfunction. It doesn’t create much of it, but it creates enough scar tissue over time to worsen your erectile dysfunction. In an odd twist of fate, your attempt at resolving the situation can actually make it worse.


This is one “treatment” that we cannot recommend under the vast majority of circumstances.

When you get implants, a surgeon places synthetic rods into your penis, closes your penis again, and you can get an erection. The implants are usually hollow and open your chambers by force. This is not a natural erection, and there is a lot that can go wrong.

As you’ve probably assumed, having hollow rods inserted into the most sensitive part of your body is not an enjoyable experience. To make it worse, the erection that follows isn’t even real. It’s largely there just because you have hard rods inserted. This can greatly reduce your own pleasure, and it certainly isn’t comfortable. To make things worse, there are so many things that can go wrong. If your surgeon isn’t experienced, or they make a mistake, you can permanently damage your penis. Not to mention, a lot of scar tissue is created. Even if you have the implants removed, the scar tissue might be so bad that it can’t be reversed.

An Erectile Dysfunction Solution that Works: Acoustic Wave Therapy

If you bothered to read through all the solutions that don’t exactly solve the problem and in some cases cause more problems than they’re worth, you’re probably not too excited about treating your erectile dysfunction. Don’t worry. There is an option available that won’t damage your genitals, stress your heart, or require weird surgeries no one wants to deal with.

That therapy is called “Acoustic Wave Therapy”.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is the latest breakthrough in ED treatment. It treats the root cause of most erectile dysfunction cases (scar tissue). It does this without any of the drawbacks of the previously mentioned methods.

First, it doesn’t stress your heart. In fact, it has nothing to do with your cardiovascular system. So, if you suffer from heart disease, you can still enjoy Acoustic Wave Therapy. Then, it doesn’t cause further damage. There are no invasive procedures to worry about. Finally, it’s not embarrassing. Yes, if you have an aversion to people you don’t know working with your genitals, you might feel a bit embarrassed or uncomfortable at first. Luckily, everyone who performs this treatment is highly professional, and you can trust them to get the job done without comments or any awkward moments.

So, how does this ED treatment in Leesburg work? Well, it sends acoustic waves, and the vibrations they bring with them, directly to the scar tissue causing your erectile dysfunction. Those vibrations do something very special. If you remember, scar tissue is the main cause of erectile dysfunction. It blocks the chambers that are supposed to fill with blood, and it constricts the blood vessels that are supposed to supply those chambers with blood. When that happens, you can't get an erection.

Acoustic Wave Therapy attacks that scar tissue by gently massaging away the scar tissue with acoustic sound waves. The waves vibrate through the scar tissue, break it up, and allow it to disperse naturally.

This is all done without harming you. Not only does it not hurt your heart, but it just functions as a sort of fancy massage. A technician utilizes an acoustic wand to massage your penis, and that’s about it. Thirty minutes later, a lot of the scar tissue you’ve built up should be gone. In some serious cases, two visits might be necessary, but 90% of our patients report seeing meaningful results in mere hours.

Contact Us Today:

Triumph Health Centers is here to provide the finest Acoustic Wave Therapy services available. Our technicians are here to make your experience as comfortable as possible, and we know how to destroy the scar tissue that causes your erectile dysfunction without invading your body or potentially harming you.

If you’re interested in acoustic wave therapy to solve your erectile dysfunction problems, contact Triumph Health Centers today. In one 30-minute visit, we can provide meaningful, long-lasting results.

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